I changed my approach to my art. I stopped chasing it. I started breathing it. I started living it.

Unbeknownst to me, I was a king. I started out in an apartment bedroom with a keyboard and a boom box.  I rigged the boom box to play the sounds from a Yamaha SY-77.  Late at night after my 2nd job, I made beats.  Everyday.  No days off.  


One month I would buy a new board, then I would pay rent late.  I couldn’t afford to skip work.  My beats didn’t sell.   What started to catch on however, was my ability to put those beats together on a project.  And I did that well; damn well.   


Everyday is like Groundhog Day when you try to play both sides.  You can choose to work a job for a living or you can work your dreams.  If you choose both, prepare for nightmares. 


Sooner or later, things change.  Life changed; people left; people came...some believed —others doubted. Roadblocks were the only constant. That’s how I knew I was headed the right direction.  The path that I chose wasn’t hard because I chose to pursue my dream, it was hard because I tried to do both.

Mansa Musa.

I found nobility in my experience. I learned that my lifetime of mistakes had value to others—especially those around me with similar dreams.  Iron sharpened iron. Wisdom was shared. Friends who heard my songs...they came to me.  I changed my approach to my art.  I stopped chasing it.  I started breathing it.  I started living it.









All King Talk. 

So now I shoot from the hip.  I tell my truth.  The biggest thing killing our dreams today is us. The leading cause of death to the King within us is our own self-doubt—

Strike first. 

King Kwofi.